Nvpunk makes extensive use of icons. To be able to see these icons and get the best experience possible you will need to install a Nerd Font patched font.

They offer a wide selection of very popular programming fonts, and your favourite may very well be in the list.


You will need Neovim version 0.8+ to use Nvpunk. You can probably find it in your distribution’s repositories, alternatively you will find an extensive list of other methods in Neovim’s Wiki.

 Debian
sudo apt install neovim
 Arch
sudo pacman -S neovim
 Fedora
sudo dnf install neovim
 Brew
brew install neovim


Git is a version control system, it’s required to download Nvpunk’s plugins.

 Debian
sudo apt install git
 Arch
sudo pacman -S git
 Fedora
sudo dnf install git
 Brew
brew install git

C/C++ compiler

To build Tree-sitter modules you will also need a C/C++ compiler. You can usually get one by installing a specific package group on your distribution, here are some examples:

 Debian
sudo apt install build-essential
 Arch
sudo pacman -S base-devel
 Fedora
sudo dnf group install "C Development Tools and Libraries" "Development Tools"
 Brew
brew install gcc


Npm is required to download and install many language servers that are in fact written in javascript.

This applies also for non-javascript languages, for example the python language server pyright is written in javascript and requires npm.

 Debian
sudo apt install npm
 Arch
sudo pacman -S npm
 Fedora
sudo dnf install npm
 Brew
brew install node


Python is required to run certain language servers.

Python should be preinstalled on most Linux distributions as well as mac os.


Ripgrep is a line-oriented search tool that recursively searches the current directory for a regex pattern. Ripgrep is used by the Telescope live grep functionality and it’s therefore a requirement for Nvpunk.

 Debian
sudo apt install ripgrep
 Arch
sudo pacman -S ripgrep
 Fedora
sudo dnf install ripgrep
 Brew
brew install ripgrep

Terminal Emulator

While not mandatory, a good terminal emulator with proper font rendering and good support for icon fonts will greatly improve your experience.

Here is a list of recommended terminal emulators for you to try:

Install Nvpunk

Nvpunk uses Git to update itself.

First, if you have already used Neovim in the past, you will probably want to back up your current configuration:

mv ~/.config/nvim ~/.config/nvim.bak

Now you can clone the latest version of Nvpunk to your nvim configuration.

git clone ~/.config/nvim

Health check

Nvpunk includes a self health check system to ensure everything is running smoothly. To run a health check you can use the Health Check button in the greeter, or the following command:


Selecting one of the healthcheck results and pressing enter will open up a help page explaining what the dependency is and why it’s required.

Updating Nvpunk

You can easily update Nvpunk by either using the Update Nvpunk button in the greeter, or with the following command: